How to Clean and Maintain Garden Sculptures

Angel garden statuefairy garden statueGarden statues are a great addition to any garden, even balcony container gardens. But like with anything in the garden, you will have to perform regular maintenance on your garden statues. Cleaning and maintaining this type of garden decor is easy, but make sure you do it correctly as to not damage the garden statue material.


Most garden statues can be washed in soap and water. Be careful to not damage any of the more delicate plastic garden statues, which may chip or become damaged with vigorous cleaning.

Unless otherwise noted, use a cloth or sponge to wash the statues in your container plant garden, and scrub in a circular motion. Completely rinse off any cleaning materials, such as soap, from the statue and allow it to dry. Some garden statues may have details that will need to be gently scrubbed with a toothbrush.



Buddha garden statueHow to Clean Various Garden Statue Materials

Marble: White vinegar and water. Never use bleach.

Bronze: Soap and water. After soap has been rinsed and the statue dried, you may need to apply a thin coat of wax on the statue. Use clear paste wax (not car wax – it will dry white) and buff it after the wax dries to make it shine.

Aluminum: Soap and water

Stone: Water

Iron: Scrape with sandpaper, then wash with soap and water with a wire brush.

Wood: Soap and water. Scrub with the grain of the wood.

Concrete: Soap and water. Just like how some container plants need to be overwintered, concrete decor that holds water, such as fountains and birdbaths, should be prepared so they don't get damaged during winter. Drain the water before temperatures reach the freezing point, and once a year, use water sealant made for concrete to protect any concrete items. Wash and dry your garden's water feature on a dry day, apply a coat of concrete water sealant and allow it to dry completely before filling it with water again.

Plastic: Soap and water

Lead: Soap and water with a wire brush

Paint: Soap and water only if necessary. Keep painted items off the ground, preferably in a covered area so that precipitation won’t damage the garden statue's paint.

Taking care of your garden statues will keep them looking their best for years. If you are unsure how to clean a surface, ask an expert at your local garden shop or do some research. Some garden statue materials may become damaged if improperly cleaned.

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