8 Methods for Garden Snail and Slug Control

Garden snail plantThe following eight methods can help you cut down on the number of destructive snails and slugs in your balcony container garden. To learn more about snails and slugs, read “Pests: Garden Snails and Slugs.”


5 Insect Pests in the Garden

Zinnia flower pests aphidsThe first step toward pest control in a container garden is learning how to identify the pests. By learning what the common garden pests are, what their damage to plants look like and how to manage them, you can protect your container plants from plagues of pests!


Benefits of Keeping Worms in Plant Containers

Red Worm CompostIf you’ve ever added red worm castings to your potting soil from your vermicompost bin, you probably have some worms in your plant containers. When you see one of your red worms in a container’s potting soil, you can put it back in the worm bin to help decompose kitchen waste into “black gold” (nutritious fertilizer for your plants), or you can leave it in the container. Worms are beneficial for container plants.


How to Attract Bees to the Garden


Intro: Humans have been using bees for thousands of years in agriculture. They are successful pollinators that help increase fruit and vegetable production. You may be frightened that bees may sting you, but they shouldn’t sting you if you leave them alone. Because of their constant buzzing, bees may make sitting on your balcony uncomfortable, but they are beneficial in a balcony garden.


Wild Birds in the Apartment Garden

Birdfeeders off BalconyEven a gardener in a big city with just a small apartment garden can still attract a number of wild birds to the garden. Birds will often fly around in an urban area, see an apartment garden with a lot of green container plants and decide to stop there to rest, especially if there is food or water for them there.


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