How to Grow and Care for Bell Peppers in Containers

Bell pepper Capiscum annuum

Intro: Bell peppers, or sweet peppers, have a delicious thick skin and seeds, and come in gorgeous bright colors: red, yellow, orange and green. There are differences in taste and content when it comes to the color of the bell pepper: Green peppers are more bitter, and red peppers have more vitamins and nutrients (they contain lycopene, more carotene and twice the amount of vitamin C than green). These beautiful pepper plants are easy to care for and do well in small plant containers in urban kitchen gardens. Bell pepper plants will add vibrant color to your balcony garden.


Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum

Plant Type: Perennial fruit (pepper) that is usually treated as an annual

Light: Full sun

Water: Water them regularly, and keep the potting soil moist. If you don't care for them correctly and give them enough water during development, the harvested peppers will be bitter.

Propagation: Once you’ve harvested some of your bell pepper plants, dry and save some of the seeds inside. Save them and use them for your next planting (be sure to label them, or else you won’t know what color will grow).

Misc. Info: Bell peppers are sweetest when they’ve ripened fully on the container plant in full sunshine. If they are harvested when still green and ripen later, they aren’t as sweet. They do best in warm, dry climates. Click here to learn more about how to harvest your bell peppers.


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