How to Grow and Care for Vriesea Bromeliads in Containers

Vriesea bromelia plant

Intro: The epiphytic vriesea bromeliads are native to Central and South America. They are prized for their interesting and brightly colored flat (swordlike) flowers. They do well as indoor plants in shady conditions, and they can be kept outdoors as long as they are kept warm in shadier balcony gardens.


Scientific Name: Vriesea species, especially V. splendens (aka flaming sword)

Plant Type: Bromeliad

Light: Provide your vriesea bromeliad with bright indirect light. Too much light will result in long, dark vriesea bromeliad leaves, while to little light will result in yellow leaves.

Water: In the center of the vriesea bromeliad plant, there is an area that collects water (called a rosette cup). Keep this cup full of water, and change the water frequently. Water its potting medium once a week and mist the plant when the air is dry.

Fertilizer: Once a month, put half-strength liquid fertilizer into the water-collection area of the vriesea.

Temperature: Keep the vriesea bromeliad in garden temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pests and Diseases: Your bromeliad plants should have no problems with garden pests or diseases.

Propagation: Propagate your vriesea bromeliad by taking offsets from the mother plant. Depending on the bromeliad species, you will either need to collect the offshoots from the base of the flower stalk or from a side shoot. Let these offsets mature for at least two months before separating it from the mother plant.

Misc. Info: Because this container plant is an epiphyte, do not plant in potting soil. Use a bromeliad potting mix in an orchid pot (you will not need to repot this plant). The pineapple plant is also in the Bromeliaceae family.



Red Bromeliad Flower

Purple bromeliad flower

Bromeliad red flower

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