Shoe Organizer Planter

One great thing about being a balcony gardener is that you’re forced to get creative with the little space you have. And sometimes you find great container plant displays that truly make your garden special. One space-saving plant display is to pack a shoe organizer with potting soil and plants.


It’s preferable to find an old shoe organizer that someone doesn’t want anymore. If you don’t have an old one tucked away, ask friends and check out your local thrift shops. Once you get a shoe organizer, hang it on a wall that gets some good sun. Shoe organizer planters can also be hung indoors on a wall with bright indirect sunlight. If your shoe organizer is outdoors, poke a few small holes near the bottom of each shoe pocket so the plants will have drainage. Then pack each pocket with some high-quality potting soil.

The plants you keep in your shoe organizer are up to you, but the most impressive display is achieved when the shoe organizer is no longer visible. This means that you should stay away from container plants that grow straight up (you don’t have to – it’s just better for the aesthetics) and instead choose plants that will dangle down, such as golden pothos or string of beads plants. Also when choosing plants, think of space and light requirements. Don’t plant something that will need more root space than the shoe pocket, and plant lower-light plants near the bottom of the shoe organizer, as that area will get less light than the top. Arrange your display so that the plants will compliment each other. Once the plants grow in, they will cover the shoe pockets and create a giant wall of pure growth.

This planting project is an easy and cheap way to cover a bare wall with a lot of growth, all while saving floor space in your small urban balcony garden.

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