Make Your Succulents “Pop” with Blue-Glazed Pots

Succulent container garden southwestSucculent plants are unique-looking plants with lots of character, especially for Southwestern-style gardens. These easy plants do well in hot, dry climates, and they go well with the look of many Southwestern-style buildings that have stucco walls and Spanish Mission-style tiles.


One of the best ways to display succulent plants and make them “pop” or stand out in your container garden is to plant them in blue glazed plant containers. Succulents planted in blue glazed plant pots are a perfect choice for apartment gardeners who want a modern, sleek and clean garden or those going for a Southwest garden theme.

There are many types of succulent plants, so not every species and variety will look its best in a blue glazed plant container. Succulents with variegated leaves, or golden or red leaves display best in dark plant pots like a blue glazed container. Light green and silver succulent leaves display best in red containers. Terra cotta plant pots also allow for a beautiful display of succulent plants. Just remember that terra cotta is a porous material, and plants in terra cotta plant pots will need to be watered more often. Glazed plant pots, like the ones pictured, hold moisture in better than many other types of containers, which means you won’t need to water them as often.

In addition to displaying several leaf colors in your blue glazed containers, also make sure to try succulent plants with different leaf shapes, including tall, spikey leaves, paddle leaves, tight-growing leaves that form rosettes and downward-growing teardrop leaves.

Display your many interesting succulent plants in blue-glazed plant pots of different shapes, different sizes and different heights. Create a cluster of containers in a corner and enjoy your new sleek and modern Southwest garden!

10 Great Succulents for Containers

  1. Aloe vera
  2. Burro’s tail
  3. Crassula ‘Baby Necklace’
  4. Echeveria
  5. Ghost plant
  6. Hens and chicks
  7. Ice Plant
  8. Jade Plant
  9. Sempervivum ‘Cobweb Houseleek’
  10. Tree aeonium

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