Use Chalkboard Paint on Plant Pots

Chalk Plant Container

A trend today is to put chalkboard paint on everything, even plant pots! Chalkboard paint is cheap and can be found at home improvement stores, craft stores and even big box stores like Target. You can spray paint it on or just paint it regularly with a paintbrush. I found a can of chalkboard spray paint for about $6 in my local craft store. Take that and one of your old terra cotta pots, and you've got a cheap, easy and cute way to spruce up your apartment garden.

You can paint the top rim of the pot like in the photos (make sure to use tape around the pot so it's nice and even), or you can paint a bit on the front. This is a great way to decorate the garden as well as a way to label your plants. You can erase what you write and use the pot over and over again for all types of plants.

But remember that if it rains or if you spill water on the pot while watering your plants, your chalk may wash off!

Chalk Plant Pot

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