Summer Garden Chores

Mesh tarp protect plantsYour balcony container garden needs to be maintained throughout the year. Due to different weather and growing seasons of the container plants gardeners keep, some gardening chores differ between the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. In some areas, the climate is mild throughout the year, and these garden chores can be done at different times in the year. Summer garden chores mostly consist of maintaining the plants planted in spring and harvesting any flowers or food grown in the garden.


  • Check on the container plants every day, and water, fertilize and fight pests and diseases as needed.
  • Check for weeds and deal with them immediately if you see them
  • As the days warm up, water your plants early in the morning and in the evening.
  • Deadhead flowers, thin or prune container plants, and remove dead foliage as needed.
  • Dig up the bulbs of flowers that bloom in early spring. Clean the bulbs, dry them and store them for planting later.
  • Gather seeds of any early flowering container plants. Plant the seeds or store them for a later time.
  • Tie plants to supports if needed.
  • Supply shade for container plants that can’t handle the summer heat or those that are getting too much sun. Move plants around if needed or hang a mesh tarp to block some of the harsh sunlight.
  • Sow any more seeds or plants if practicing successive planting.

See Spring Garden Chores, Fall Garden Chores and Winter Garden Chores.

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