Winter Garden Chores

Gardening booksYour balcony container garden needs to be maintained throughout the year. Due to different weather and growing seasons of the plants gardeners keep, some container gardening chores differ between the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. In some areas, the climate is mild throughout the year, and these chores can be done at different times in the year.


Winter is a low-maintenance gardening season, mainly consisting of planning for the next growing season! In warmer climates, cool-weather plants can be grown throughout the winter. Indoor plants, which often need supplemental lighting, can keep a gardener entertained throughout the winter.

  • Check on any actively growing container plants regularly. While there won’t be many problems with disease or garden pests, keep an eye open, and water if needed.
  • Regularly water and care for indoor plants
  • Brush snow off of plants to prevent damage
  • Read garden books and surf the web to plan what you want to plant for the next spring
  • Sow seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost

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