How to Water Plants Properly

Potted cactus plantI am watering my neighbor’s plant pots on the porch for a week. How do I water them properly? How much water do I put in them and how often? Help!


It's best to water in the morning, but if it's really hot, you might need to go over twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. Check to see how moist the soil is every day. To check to see if the plants need watering, first check if the leaves are wilting. If they are, then they definitely need water. If they look okay, put your finger into the soil up until your second knuckle, which is about 2 inches down into the dirt. If the potting soil is dry 2 inches down, then it's time to water. But remember that you're actually better off not watering them enough than watering them too much! If your neighbor is still around, ask if they have any advice or special instructions. For example, they probably don't want you watering a cactus every day!


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