Watering and Germinating Tomato Seeds

Tomato plant srouts

How often should I water my tomato seeds? How long will it take them to start showing?


For now, just keep the potting soil constantly and consistently moist. Sometimes seeds take a lot longer to sprout than what the packet says, so don’t worry if they haven’t sprouted yet. If you feel it’s been way too long, you can gently move the dirt away and find the seeds. Then you can see if they’re still intact or if they’ve rotted away.

Are your tomato seeds too old? Maybe they were stored in too humid of a spot? That could cause them to not sprout. Next time instead of planting them directly in the soil, put the seeds inside of a wet paper towel inside of a ziploc bag. You can see when the tomatoes sprout in the bag, and then very carefully transplant them. This way you won't plant any seeds that won't germinate.


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