Windowsill Gardens

Windowsill GardenSmall windowsill gardens are great for small plants or cuttings that will do well in the bright indirect light that comes in through your window. Windowsill gardens are easy to maintain. Just line up a few small containers on a sunny windowsill to create a decorative indoor garden and maximize your gardening space!

Herbs. Very often cooks will keep small windowsill herb gardens in their kitchens. Chefs can pick their favorite fresh herbs at any time and add some flavor to their dishes without even setting foot outside! Some great herbs to grow indoors are thyme, mint and tarragon. Read more about herbs for the kitchen garden>>

Succulents. Many succulents stay small and can do well in the dry conditions in the home. Many even do well in shade, so keeping succulent plants by a windowsill can be a wonderful addition to any room. Great succulents for small pots include the jelly bean plant, string of beads plant and various Echeveria species. Read more about succulent plants>>

Cuttings. You can take cuttings from plants outside and propagate them indoors. By arranging a few interesting glass jars on your windowsill, you’ll be able to grow plants for a limited time in just water (no dirty potting soil you need to clean up if the plant’s container is knocked over). These plant cuttings can look modern and clean, and they will help produce more plants for your outdoor garden or for some of your gardening friends. You can take plant cuttings from many plant species, including mint, pothos, chrysanthemum flowers, chamomile flowers and many more. Read more about taking plant cuttings>>

Remember to turn your plants every week or two so that they grow evenly. Also make sure that the air from an air vent will not hit your plants, and water often due to the dry conditions of most homes. Enjoy your windowsill garden!

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