25 Frost-Tolerant Winter Plants

Snowdrop galanthus flowerIf you live in a cold but mild hardiness zone (Zone 6, for example), you can keep many of the following 25 stunning plants in containers outdoors during the winter. Container gardeners in colder climates can also keep hardy winter plants, but the selection is more limited.


Plant containers freeze quicker than the more insulated ground soil, so if a plant is hardy to Zone 5, for example, it may not survive the winter in a container Zone 5. You may want to take a chance to see if the plant survives the winter, or you may want to play it safe and grow container plants that are hardy to a colder zone than your own.

There are many plants that are hardy to very cold temperatures, and many do well in plant containers, as well. This list is by no means complete, but it’s a good place to start. For cold but mild climates, try growing some of these frost-tolerant plants in your container garden:

1. Bergenia flowers
2. Boxwood
3. Dogwood
4. Brussels sprouts (to zero degrees)
5. Calendula flowers
6. Creeping Jenny
7. Dianthus flowers
8. Dwarf conifers
9. Emerald green arborvitae
10. Helleborus flowers
11. Hens and chicks
12. Heuchera
13. Holly
14. Lily of the valley
15. Pansy flowers
16. Parsley
17. Sedum species
18. Snapdragon flowers
19. Snowdrop flowers
20. Some kale and cabbage varieties
21. Some lettuce varieties
22. Some onion varieties (to zero degrees
23. Thyme
24. Winter daphne
25. Yucca

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