Apartment Garden Blues (Blog): 23 Cats Who Might Love the Garden More Than You

My cat, Sprinkles, is an indoor cat who accompanies me outside while I'm working in the garden, and she likes to watch the neighbors walk by below, smell the container plants, stick her face into cobwebby places and try to sniff out the wild birds that she saw at the bird feeder that morning! Sometimes I think she's having a way better time than I am. I'm watering, pruning and picking garden pests off my plants, all while keeping an eye on my cat to make sure she stays safe.

Like Sprinkles, the 23 cats pictured below definitely love their outdoor time!


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Kitten hiding in leaves

1. This kitten is pretending he's a tiger stalking prey in the jungle!


Big orange cat in a garden

2. This older cat has a lion's mane, but instead of hunting, he'd rather just kneel down in the flowers and watch what's going on.


Cat garden purple flowers

3. This model knows the camera's on her, so she poses by staring pensively into the distance.


Black and white cat in a container garden

4. For cats, a plant pot labyrinth is always fun to navigate.


Cat sniffing a plant in a container garden

5. This cat likes to take inventory of all the container plants his kitty parent grows.


White cat on a garden path

6. This spotless white cat uses the garden path so as to not get dirty!


Cat sniffing garlic leaves

7. This blue-eyed beauty sniffs some strong-smelling garlic leaves.


Cat senses something in the garden

8. Was that a bird I heard? A squirrel?


Black cat resting in the garden

9. This black cat decided to lay down amongst the leaves and peek out above them.


Gray cat in a container garden

10. Another model poses with a profile shot in front of some shade-loving container plants.


Orange and white cat garden gnome

11. This orange and white cat speaks to the importance of wearing an identification collar, especially for cats who venture outside.


Beautiful cat with bell collar in a backyard garden

12. This little guy's owners make him wear a collar with a bell so he won't sneak up on birds and kill them!


Indoor cat and plants

13. This urban-dweller asks his mom, "Is it time yet to go out into the balcony garden?"


Cat by sliding glass door

14. This girl's mom said she couldn't go outside in the garden, so she settles for sitting by the sunny sliding glass door.


Grey cat looking inside at plants

15. A windowsill is always a great place to be if you're a cat. The best view contains birds, of course, but flowers are nice, too.


Cat drinking from rain barrel

16. This cat performed an amazing acrobatic feat to get a drink of fresh rain water.


Cat garden birdhouse

17. Sitting by the birdbath probably scares the birds away, rather than attracting them, but I don't think this cat realizes that yet.


Cat with blue eyes and yellow flower

18. Laying amongst the flowers without having to do any of the gardening work. Our cats have it all, don't they?


Orange cat flower pots

19. At least this orange cat appreciate his mom's work in growing these pretty flowers.


Cat on rock in garden

20. Resting on a cool rock in a shady garden spot. The best place to be in summer.


Persian cat in container garden

21. His face suggests he's grumpy, but surely this cat must be happy to be outside!


Cat laying on sunny table

22. This cat doesn't hide it. He loves basking in the sun.


Cat close up outside backyard garden

23. The next time you're outside with you're cat, watch her. What does she like most about being outside? Snap a picture of her enjoying your garden and share it on the Balcony Container Gardening Facebook page!



Alexandra is a professional writer from Southern California who grows vegetables, herbs, lots of aloe vera and one giant Boston fern in her balcony garden. She also grows dracaena, pothos and English ivy indoors. She loves traveling and birdwatching in addition to gardening.

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