Edible Plants for a Shady Garden

Spearmint herb plantCan you recommend any shade-loving plants that will grow in the California Central Coast? We would most like an edible kitchen garden of fruits and veggies, but we are okay with flowers and shrubs. We get full shade to partial shade, but we might get more light after we trim our trees. I was thinking mint, basil and berries. What else loves shade?

Unfortunately, you'll be limited with the shade. If you can trim the trees, that would be best, because fruits and vegetables usually need full sun. Mint does great in shady gardens (definitely keep that one in a container because it will take over your garden if planted in the ground!), and beans, peas, lettuce, spinach and cauliflower will also grow in a shady garden. Basil will require full sun, so put that container in your sunniest spot. Good luck with your edible garden!


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