Using Strawberry Planter Pots

Strawberry planter potTo grow strawberries, herbs or other small plants in a compact and attractive way, consider using strawberry planter pots. A strawberry planter is a terra cotta or plastic container in the shape of an urn that has planting holes scattered along the sides of the pot. It also has a large open section on the top where gardeners can plant strawberries.


The benefit of a strawberry planter is that the strawberry fruits grow above the ground. If a strawberry touches the potting soil, it can easily rot, and garden pests can more easily get to the fruit and ruin your strawberry harvest.

To plant strawberries in a strawberry planter:

1. Find a strawberry container at your local garden center. It should be large, but not too heavy that you won’t be able to move it. Choose if you want a prettier terra cotta container or if you want a lightweight plastic pot that will retain water better. The best containers have a “lip” on the planting holes so that dirt does not fall out.
2. Purchase or start growing strawberries from seed. There are several types of strawberries, but many gardeners like “perpetual” or “day neutral” strawberries, which produce fruit throughout the growing season, unlike other varieties that produce one or two large crops a year.

3. Fill the plant container with soil.
4. Plant young strawberry plants in the holes.
5. Place your strawberry plant in a sunny spot (6 or more hours of sunlight each day) in your balcony garden.
6. Make sure the potting soil stays consistently moist and does not dry out.
7. You may need to rotate the strawberry planter every few weeks so the strawberries on all sides get an equal amount of light.

Strawberry planters are also great containers for herbs, succulents and other plants. You can grow a tall-growing succulent, such as aloe vera or jade (Crassula ovata) in the top of the container, and plant either cascading succulents (such as the string of beads plant) or low-growing succulents in the smaller openings around the strawberry pots. You can have a strawberry planter and not grow strawberries: Get creative!

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