How to Grow and Care for Jalapeño Peppers in Containers

Jalapeno Capiscum annuum

Intro: Jalapeño peppers are very similar to the bell pepper. In fact, it is the same plant species, both peppers being cultivars, varieties of the same plant bred for specific characteristics. The delicious jalapeño pepper can be used in cooking, and it graces the garden with tiny white flowers and green fruits. These plants grow well in relatively small plant containers, such as 3 gallons or 10 inches, and grow to 3 feet tall.


Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum

Plant Type: Perennial fruit (pepper) that is usually treated as an annual

Light: Full sun

Water: Water jalapeño pepper plants regularly. Keep the potting soil moist without letting the soil get soggy.

Propagation: Once you’ve harvested some of your jalapeño peppers, dry and save some of the seeds inside. Save them and use them for your next planting.

Misc. Info: Jalapeño pepper plants do best in warm, dry climates in sunny locations. Some jalapeño pepper varieties are more or less spicy than others, so know what spice level you want before growing these plants in your kitchen garden.


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