How to Grow and Care for Peace Lilies in Containers

Peace lily Spathiphyllum floribundum

Intro: Peace lily flowers are usually kept in indoor gardens, but if you have a dark balcony garden that doesn’t get direct light and you live in a warm area, you can keep peace lilies in your balcony container garden. The peace lily flower has large shiny, dark green leaves and large white flowers that can last for weeks or months. To keep your peace lily plant blooming with large, healthy-looking flowers, remove any flower and its stalk once the flower is past its prime. Once the flower starts turning green or gets brown spots, it is time to remove the flower. To remove the peace lily flower, cut off the flower at the base of its stalk without twisting or ripping it out.


Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum floribundum

Plant Type: Perennial flower

Light: The peace lily flower needs bright filtered light, but this plant will survive in a shady balcony garden. Do not allow it to receive direct sun in your container garden.

Water: Moist potting soil is best. Only water this plant if the soil is dry – overwatering is a problem a lot of gardeners have with the peace lily plant. Don’t let water get on the peace lily's flower, as it shortens the flower’s life. 

Fertilizer: Use a balanced indoor fertilizer at a half or one-quarter dose each month during the peace lily plant's growing season to promote the growth of those beautiful white blooms.

Temperature: This plant does best in temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't keep it below 45 degrees for too long, as this will most likely kill your peace lily.

Pests and Diseases: The peace lily generally doesn't have any problems with insect pests and plant diseases. You may see spider mites, aphids and mealybugs. Control these common pests with soapy water or other methods of organic pest control.

Propagation: You can propagate the peace lily plant by dividing it. Take the peace lily out of its plant container, and cut it in half with a sharp knife (you can take a smaller cutting, as long as you can get complete and undamaged stems, leaves and roots).

Misc. Info: If you keep this container plant in an indoor garden, it can remove benzene and formaldehyde from the air, but be careful if you have cats or children who may eat the leaves – they are mildly toxic. Bring the peace lily flower inside to overwinter it if outdoor temperatures drop below 40 degrees. After the peace lily blooms and the blooms fade, the plant will not have any blooms on it for at least several months.



Peace Lily Plant

Peace lily

White peace lily flower

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