How to Grow and Care for Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’ in Containers

Dracaena fragrans

Intro: Most often kept in indoor gardens, Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’ is usually planted with several stalks to a plant container and has leaves all over the stalk. Mature Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’ plant specimens (such as the one in the illustration above) looks like a small tree. Young plants have leaves all over its stalk, but older plants have a tall stalk with a tuft of dark green leaves at the top.


How to Grow and Care For Lemongrass in Containers

Lemongrass plant

Intro: Lemongrass is a great plant for an edible garden or a kitchen garden. It grows well in plant containers and can be used fresh or dried in teas or in culinary dishes (it is popular in Asian cuisine). The stalk is used for cooking, and the leaves are used for teas. Lemongrass tea can be calming and soothe stomachs. A popular tea blend is “Sleepy Time Tea,” which is a mixture of lemongrass, lavender and German chamomile flowers. These fast-growing large plants can grow up to 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide, so make room for it in your small balcony garden.


How to Grow and Care for Boston Ferns in Containers

Boston fern

Intro: Boston ferns are a staple of New Orleans’ beautiful wrought iron balconies and southern porches. They grow well in plant containers and hanging containers, and are also easy to care for in indoor gardens. The beautiful Boston fern grows very large, so this is not a plant for the small balcony garden. Their largeness is useful if you’d like one large focal point in your balcony garden or if you’d like to hide equipment or clutter behind it.


How to Grow and Care for Eggplant in Containers


Intro: Eggplant, which is perhaps most famous for the prominent role it plays in eggplant parmesan, is not only an easy vegetable to grow, but it is also a beautiful addition to a container garden. The most common eggplant variety is the long purple fruit, but eggplant also comes in globes, teardrops or half-moon shapes, and can be greem, pink, yellow, white and even several colors in one. An eggplant from your container plant garden, if picked and eaten at its peak freshness, will be the most delicious eggplant you’ve ever tasted!


How to Grow and Care for Echeveria in Containers

Echeveria laui

Intro: Echeveria, often called “hens and chicks,” are smaller succulents (less than a foot across), and they are easy container plants to care for in balcony gardens. The leaves grow in rosettes and have different colors and flowers. Some popular Echeveria species that do well in containers are E. glauca and E. laui (called blue Echeveria), E. setosa (firecracker plant), E. derenbergii (painted lady) and E. agavoides.


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