DIY Bamboo Trellis

DIY garden trellisTrellises are not expensive balcony garden design materials to purchase, but cheaper trellises are not organic and often are not pleasing to the eye. There are many more expensive trellises that are beautifully intricate, but you may want to save a few bucks and make your own trellis with an organic feel. To read about the container plants that you can grow up trellises, read "Balcony Container Gardening Design: Using Climbing Plants." 


How to Make a Cheap Plant Shelf

DIY build plant shelfThe ultimate downside to having a balcony container garden is the small space to work with. There are many ways you can maximize your balcony garden space, and one great way is to keep container plants on shelves. It's not only healthier for the plants, it also allows you to keep more plants and enjoy your balcony garden even more!


Apartment Garden Lighting Solutions

Apartment lightingIn a small, intimate space like a balcony garden, lighting plays an important role in garden design. If you are one of the few lucky apartment dwellers who have an electrical outlet outside, then you have many choices for lighting. All-white Christmas lighting, either large or small bulbs, give a romantic feeling to a balcony garden. Even flexible LED strip lighting is an attractive option. 


How to Make a Terrarium

Apothecary jar terrariumAn apothecary jar plant terrarium makes a beautiful gardening project that you can complete create in a half an hour but enjoy for years. Apothecary jar terrariums are low-maintenance gardens that also make beautiful decorations. The choice of jars and plants are seemingly limitless that plant terrariums can be addictive.


Decorating the Balcony for Christmas

Christmas decorations pine treeJust because you don’t have a yard to decorate with animatronic light-up deer and blow-up snowmen doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your apartment garden for Christmas. Apartment-dwellers with balcony gardens can use the following ideas for making their balconies festive during Christmas time.


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