How to Make a Terrarium

Apothecary jar terrariumAn apothecary jar plant terrarium makes a beautiful gardening project that you can complete create in a half an hour but enjoy for years. Apothecary jar terrariums are low-maintenance gardens that also make beautiful decorations. The choice of jars and plants are seemingly limitless that plant terrariums can be addictive.


Recycled Styrofoam Plant Containers

Stacked styrofoam recycled plant containersWhen you’re looking for recycled containers for your balcony container garden, you may decide that you want a sturdy plant container that will last more than one season. Many recycled containers, such as 2-liter soda bottles and old plastic storage bins, will break down after being exposed to sun and water for long periods of time, but there is one type of container that you can use for many years without having to worry about replacing it.


Design Layout #1: A Southwest-Inspired Garden

Southwest balcony garden designIf you live in the Southwest, especially if your building’s architecture reflects a Southwestern theme (such as stucco and tile roofing), you may want to consider a Desert Southwest garden for your balcony container garden.


Balcony Garden Design Basics

Balcony container garden design

Maybe you’ve just moved into your first apartment with a balcony. Maybe you don’t like the way your current balcony setup looks. Maybe you’re looking to spruce up your current balcony garden. Either way, you’re looking at your outdoor space and asking, “Where do I start?”


A Recycled Herb Garden

Recycled herb gardenCreate a recycled herb garden with a few used 2-liter bottles, some potting soil, seeds and a bit of sun! This recycled herb garden will provide you with food, save money, help the environment, save garden space and allow you to see underground root development of your herb plants.


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