10 Inspiring Balcony Gardens (Photos)

Are you decorating a balcony space? There are many ways you can express yourself and your style in a small balcony container garden. You can have a zen garden, a southwest garden, hummingbird and butterfly garden, recycled and repurposed garden, a kitchen garden, modern garden, and the list goes on. Decide your style, and get inspiration by looking through images on the web and in garden design books.


How to Clean and Maintain Garden Sculptures

Angel garden statuefairy garden statueGarden statues are a great addition to any garden, even balcony container gardens. But like with anything in the garden, you will have to perform regular maintenance on your garden statues. Cleaning and maintaining this type of garden decor is easy, but make sure you do it correctly as to not damage the garden statue material.


4 Ways to Garden Vertically

Balcony garden in Rome, ItalyMost balcony container gardeners who have done some balcony garden design research have probably heard the term “gardening up.” Gardening up is the practice of using vertical space on a balcony in order to grow more plants in our small outdoor spaces and to create a more visually interesting garden space.


20 Plants for Espalier Growth

Gardenia flowerMany plants can be trained to grow as an espalier, which is a plant that has been trained so it grows flat against a wall instead of having a bushy shape. Espalier plants are not only decorative, but they also save space in balcony container gardens.


5 Creative Ways to Display Indoor Plants

Indoor succulent plant displayUsing plants in your apartment decor can be fun. Be as creative as you can and try new things. As long as your container plant will have enough light to grow, you can brighten up the inside of your home or apartment with plants. Here are five creative ways to show off your plants indoors.


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