Creating a Beautiful Stair Garden

stair gardenMany apartment dwellers have staircases leading to their homes that are prime space for a beautiful, inviting stair garden. If you don’t share a staircase with any other residents and your apartment management approves it, you just may be able to expand your balcony container garden. 


5 Steps to Forming Espalier Plant Growth

Espalier tree growthMany plants can be trained to grow as an espalier, which is a plant that has been trained so it grows flat against a wall instead of having a bushy shape. Espalier plants are not only decorative, but they also save space in balcony container gardens.


Christmas Container Planting Recipe

Christmas container recipeCreate this festive Christmas container planting for winter using holly, poinsettia, English ivy and some fern fronds to fill in extra spaces. The best holly to use is English holly, especially Ilex aquifolium 'Gold Coast', which is often used around Christmas time and is available with white in the foliage.


Make Your Succulents “Pop” with Blue-Glazed Pots

Succulent container garden southwestSucculent plants are unique-looking plants with lots of character, especially for Southwestern-style gardens. These easy plants do well in hot, dry climates, and they go well with the look of many Southwestern-style buildings that have stucco walls and Spanish Mission-style tiles.


DIY 3-Tiered Pot Tower

To create a three-tiered pot tower for compact container plant growth, all you need is a few sturdy plant containers. Pot towers look beautiful when made of terra cotta, but because these pot towers can get quite heavy, you may want to use plastic pots that look like terra cotta instead.


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