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The Top 3 Balcony Composting Methods

By Tyler Weaver

Compost tumblerFor balcony container gardeners who live in a city or have limited space, look no further than the balcony to begin processing food scraps into compost for the container plants in the garden. While a balcony is usually reserved as a comfortable, relaxing area for enjoying a drink or reading a book, just a small portion of it can be used to process your waste.


Tips for 4 Types of Shady Balcony Sites

Shade balconyBalcony container gardeners often have shady garden conditions, which limit the types of plants they can grow. If you have shade, there may be ways to work with the shade instead of against it. Here are some suggestions for four common types of shady balconies.


7 Steps to Vermicomposting

Red worm compost vermicultureHaving a compost bin on an apartment balcony is completely doable. You don’t need a big yard or a big budget to create compost. Follow these instructions and find a cheap, green way to provide fertilizer to your plants.


Solutions for a Windy Balcony Garden

Mondo GrassA breezy garden can be healthy, as air circulation helps prevent diseases associated with fungus, and it also aids in plant pollination. But when the breeze becomes wind, problems arise. Harsh winds in gardens can damage and dehydrate plants (prevent dehydration by properly watering your container plants).


What Is Potting Soil?

soil dirtAs balcony container gardeners, we buy some plant containers and bags of potting soil from our local garden center, and then we grow our favorite container plants. Simple. But when we purchase bags of dirt, what are we getting exactly, and why can’t we just dig up some dirt from the ground and use that instead?


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