General Gardening

How to Easily Bring Water Outdoors

Watering canAre you sick of walking in and out of your apartment to fill up your watering can so you can water your balcony container plants? Sick of tracking potting soil inside? Wish you just had a hose hookup outside? You’re feeling what a lot of balcony container gardeners feel. There are those few who are lucky enough to have water hose hookups, but most balcony gardeners have to traipse in and out over and over to give water to their container plants.


Using Recycled Items to Sprout Seeds

Recycled seed sprout container plantWhen starting seeds, it's best to plant many seeds in many small plant containers. The seeds that sprout and grow the best can be planted in larger containers and moved outside once the weather gets warmer. While seeds are sprouting and the seedlings are growing, they are delicate and often can't survive (or won't even germinate in the first place) if put outdoors in the cooler months.


Identifying and Treating Root Rot

Root rotUnfortunately, plant root damage isn’t visible until the damage has become so great that it affects the above-ground portion of your container plant. Root rot is one common root problem, caused by fungus that thrives in overwatered potting soil.


An Interview with Tyler Weaver from's recently interviewed Tyler Weaver from and Learn all about Tyler and why he wants you to help him save the environment by composting in your balcony container garden.


Plants of the 2011 Orange County Fair

2011 OC Fair(To view a slideshow featuring the plants of the OC Fair, read more and scroll down to the end of the article.)

The 2011 Orange County Fair, held from July 15 to August 14 in Southern California, is just like any other fair. It entertains fairgoers with rides, live entertainment, new products, local artwork and crafts, live entertainment, animal shows and, best of all, plants!


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