General Gardening

Edible Plants for a Shady Garden

Spearmint herb plantCan you recommend any shade-loving plants that will grow in the California Central Coast? We would most like an edible kitchen garden of fruits and veggies, but we are okay with flowers and shrubs. We get full shade to partial shade, but we might get more light after we trim our trees. I was thinking mint, basil and berries. What else loves shade?


Using Strawberry Planter Pots

Strawberry planter potTo grow strawberries, herbs or other small plants in a compact and attractive way, consider using strawberry planter pots. A strawberry planter is a terra cotta or plastic container in the shape of an urn that has planting holes scattered along the sides of the pot. It also has a large open section on the top where gardeners can plant strawberries.


Windowsill Gardens

Windowsill GardenSmall windowsill gardens are great for small plants or cuttings that will do well in the bright indirect light that comes in through your window. Windowsill gardens are easy to maintain. Just line up a few small containers on a sunny windowsill to create a decorative indoor garden and maximize your gardening space!


Summer Garden Chores

Mesh tarp protect plantsYour balcony container garden needs to be maintained throughout the year. Due to different weather and growing seasons of the container plants gardeners keep, some gardening chores differ between the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. In some areas, the climate is mild throughout the year, and these garden chores can be done at different times in the year. Summer garden chores mostly consist of maintaining the plants planted in spring and harvesting any flowers or food grown in the garden.


Getting Kids Interested in Gardening

Gardening with childrenGardening helps children learn about the world, forge bonds with their fellow gardeners (family) and feel a sense of accomplishment, all while having a lot of fun. Children also learn patience (having to wait while plants grow), responsibility and caring for another living creature, and loss when plants die. Children will also learn where food really comes from. With all of these benefits, why not start a garden that your children can be a part of?


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