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Watering and Germinating Tomato Seeds

Tomato plant srouts

How often should I water my tomato seeds? How long will it take them to start showing?


19 Spectacular Sights at the 25th Annual Southern California Spring Garden Show

Southern California Spring Garden Show 2014From April 24-27, 2014, South Coast Plaza mall was the home of the 25th Annual Southern California Spring Garden Show. The four-day show featured more than 70 specialty garden vendors offering everything from exotic plants to the latest garden accessories; competition display gardens created by landscape architects, designers and students; garden seminars and book signings; garden projects, crafts and storytellers for kids; and an amazing floral centerpiece designed by Fiesta Parade Floats (a Rose Parade Float creator). The 20-foot-tall floral centerpiece featured California Golden Poppies and Southern California birds convening around a birdbath in a garden. The sculpture was decorated entirely with plant materials, including flower petals, seaweed, coconut, onion and seeds. Speakers included John Gidding, an architect, interior designer and HGTV's Curb Appeal co-host; Johanna Silver, Associate Garden Editor at Sunset magazine; and Pat Welsh, an Emmy award-winning garden writer and author.


10 Tips for Healthy Container Plants: Part 2

See Part 1 of "10 Tips for Healthy Container Plants."

Celosia flower6. Learn to identify pests. Healthy container plants can stand a small number of pests, but those pests will breed and become a problem. Keep an eye out for garden pests and nip the problem in the bud once you see them. Learn about the common balcony garden pests >>


When to Water Plants

Watering canWhat is the best time of the day to water plants? I live in Sydney, Australia, and sometimes it gets really hot.


Tips for Propagating Plants with Stem Cuttings

Plant cutting propagationA large number of container plants can be propagated by taking cuttings. Any plant that has woody or semi-woody stems can be propagated this way. Propagating plants by cutting is one of the easiest ways to grow new plants. If you see a plant you like, take a cutting and see what happens!


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