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Tips for Growing Plants in Strawberry Pots

Strawberry PotsA lot of people have difficulty growing plants in strawberry pots. They will often not have enough space in the pockets to grow plants, they will dry out quickly, and dirt may fall out. If you can find the right strawberry pot, then these containers are great for balcony gardens – they will allow you to grow many different kinds of plants (not just strawberries!) in a small amount of space.


Tyler Weaver's Composting Tips

Tyler Weaver CrazyAboutCompost.comIn a recent interview with, Tyler Weaver from and gave some tips for composting in small-space balcony container gardens.

Learn more about Tyler Weaver and his quest to save the world one composter at a time.


FAQs About Watering Plants

Watering canQuestion: What is the best time of the day to water plants? I live in Sydney, Australia, and sometimes it gets really hot. See answer>>


10 Tips for Healthy Container Plants: Part 1

Sunflower1. Do not overwater. Probably the biggest mistake that new container gardeners make is overwatering their container plants. Watering too much is more often worse for plants than not providing enough water. When plant roots are submersed in water for too long, they don’t get enough oxygen and the roots rot. Overwatering can also cause mushrooms and fungus in the container's soil, which will attract fungus gnats in your balcony garden. Learn more about watering>>


Edible Plants for a Shady Garden

Spearmint herb plantCan you recommend any shade-loving plants that will grow in the California Central Coast? We would most like an edible kitchen garden of fruits and veggies, but we are okay with flowers and shrubs. We get full shade to partial shade, but we might get more light after we trim our trees. I was thinking mint, basil and berries. What else loves shade?


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